Top 5 Dream Building Ideas


Dream building is when you spend time reminding yourself what you’re working toward. When we have goals to attain and connect a reward to that goal, our minds will start working unconsciously toward it because you have now built positive motivation to achieve it.

To achieve success, dream building is vital!

The more you see your dream, touch it, ride in it, experience it, stand in it, etc. The more your mind will work to get it. The goal is to make your dream reality for a short period of time so that you trick your mind into remembering the details of it better.

Below I will give you some ideas on how I dream build and maybe they will work for you as well. The picture I used of the Ferrari was intentional as this is one of my dreams.

Examples of dreams you may have and examples of how to build each dream:

  1.  A Million dollar home
    • Dress up and go to open houses with your significant other. Walk through each room and pretend that you are there to actually buy the home. Eat the cookies!
  2. Your Dream Vehicle
    • Go test drive it!
    • Sit in it
    • Takes pictures next to it
    • If it’s a super car, then save up and pay for an exotic car driving experience
  3. Specific Lifestyle
    • Make new friends that have this lifestyle (You are who you spend time with)
    • Create a Pinterest Board and put together images that represent your dream lifestyle
    • Break down what objects, feelings, or environment gives you this picture and then dream build on each one.
  4. Financial Wealth
    • Clarify why you want Financial Wealth. If it’s objects, go back up to No. 1 if it’s to avoid negative motivations such as “Not worrying about bills”, then talk with your spouse about what that would mean to you. Dream build with them!
  5. Vacations
    • Pinterest will be your best friend here. Make boards of each location you want to go!
    • Make a list of the activities you want to do, or the specific places you want to see.
    • Go to Barnes and Noble’s Magazine section and read about your dream vacation.
    • Plan your trip as if you were really making it happen right then!
    • Start making goals to buy items or clothing for your trip.

I hope these 5 dream building ideas help you to think outside of the box and get you excited to pursue your goals of making your dreams a reality!

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I am certified through the John Maxwell Team to coach a program around Dr. John Maxwell’s book, Put Your Dreams To The Test. I also mentor and coach individual’s who are looking to move from a stressful or average life, to truly living their dream life!

Photo by Matt Lamers on Unsplash