Why Workplace Adaptability is Mandatory for Success

Imagine that one day, you walk into work and the CEO has a meeting scheduled for the both of you. She informs you that there is going to be some big changes throughout the business. Without these changes, the company will go under. You’re on-board for saving the company but the more you listen to the changes needing to be made, a deep crease forms across your forehead. You know, that the employees are used to doing their job one way. Bringing massive change into a company, to include adapting systems with more up-to-date methods, can be a difficult change for people to accept.

A well-established business has a mixture of people. It’s a melting pot of sorts with different cultures, races, ages, backgrounds, skills, and weaknesses. A great leader can bring these differences together to create unity, and empower each other to use their strengths for the greater good of the company while providing them consistent opportunities and caring support in building up from their weaknesses.

Unfortunately, because leadership is not taught in schools, some bosses only know how to manage others. This breaks down to delegation, running a system with people, and ensuring that “the vision” of the company or organization is built with well-oiled gears. Management is a key to success in business, though it will never solely create a favorable outcome long-term.

If a leader weaves the atmosphere and friendships that build a forward-thinking environment, his or her employees will be able to have a mindset open to change. The trick, is not that they would be willing to change, but that they would be willing to do what is needed, as a vital part of the team, to ensure the success of company. If that success requires change, then the employees would understand the sacrifice of making the change for the betterment of the team.


What happens when workplace adaptability is not prioritized or implemented wrong?

Unfortunately, most people I speak with can always think of one or more jobs that have created the results of this sad situation. This happens often because very few of us are taught great leadership. Slowly the environment drains, motivation dies, moral falls, and drama starts to build. People who were once passionate about their jobs, start showing up only because they need the paycheck. Stress increases drastically because we spend more time at work than anywhere else in life. All of these things negatively impact the company and the work directly. In a productive business, sales and revenue will plummet. If the environment has been this way for many years, it’s common for the company not to realize the low outcomes. They learn to settle for a mediocre result. In service-companies such as Fire Departments, Police Departments, Rehab Facilities, Social Workers, Hospice, Nursing, etc. can result in deadly mistakes and higher than usual stress which result in higher suicide rates.

As you can see, something as small as adaptability, or bad leadership can have massive consequences. So what do you do?

If you feel that you’ve tried everything as a leader and can’t seem to turn around your environment, then it’s time to bring in an expert. The price of a leadership coach will pale in comparison to what has already been going down the drain with the bad attitudes and inability to change.

John Maxwell Leadership Coaches are the elite of the coaching world. ICF (International Coach Federation) openly admits the World Class training that John Maxwell Coaches receive. ICF states that JMT Coaches do not require their endorsement. They are the Top of the field.

As a John Maxwell Coach, I love to work with people and teams to create an amazing work environment. Change will always take time but the result will be worth the sacrifice. If you or someone you know, is interested in receiving a free consultation, call or email me at: 314-624-9772, CustomerService@ShericeKral.com.

And remember to enjoy the journey!